Common Core Math in the 8th Grade

Eigth grade math under the Common Core system focuses on three different principles, covering a range of topics. From using and understanding equations, having a fundamental understanding of functions and how they are used, as well as certain geometry topics, students will learn about slopes, exponents, the Pythagorean theorem, and other concepts.

Expressing Concepts With Equations

One of the main goals of 8th grade Common Core mathematics is to help students understand equations, how to express them, and how to evaluate equations. Linear equations such as y=mx+b will be introduced in 8th grade mathematics. Expressions that involve radicals and exponents will also be taught.


Understanding Functions

7682Functions are another core component of 8th grade mathematics under the Common Core system. Students in 8th grade will need to learn how to define various functions, evaluation functions under given parameters, and use functions to describe relationships between two quantities.


Geometry Concepts

8th grade mathematics is also where many principles of algebraic geometry are introduced. Once exponents are covered, learning theorems such as the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the hypotenuse of a right triangle will be taught. Real world concepts that involve 3D shapes such as cones and cylinders are also a key aspect of 8th grade mathematics.   These concepts will be very useful when students begin preparing for the new SAT math format.


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