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Welcome to Infinity Math Tutoring

Welcome to Infinity Math Tutoring where we aim to teach the science of numbers to all students, whether they are in kindergarten or college. We offer personalized learning and attention to each and every one of our valued students and offer them lessons grounded in the basics of math.

We launched Infinity Math Tutoring in 2008 after identifying a need for customized, face-to-face, one-on-one math tutoring and test prep.

Math is considered to be one of the toughest subjects by many students. Students who do not do well in math often do so because they have not been able to cultivate a solid foundation in the subject and hence, find it dry and uninteresting.

At Infinity Math Tutoring, we can help make your lessons fun and memorable and will help you figure out math straight from the root.

Our Services Include


Why You Should Choose Infinity Math Tutoring

At Infinity Math Tutor, we try harder. We offer:


We offer one-on-one tutoring for a highly personalized experience. We understand that your child needs individual attention, along with a tailored math plan, that can help them understand this subject in a better way.

Infinity Math Tutoring is committed to offering the most competent math tutoring available. Our past and current students have given us 5-star reviews on the Google business page and we are a member of Better Business Bureau.


Infinity Math Tutoring is proud to say that it offers one of the best rates in the tutoring industry. Our prices start from $37.50 per hour and you can purchase packages for even more savings.

In comparison, other tutoring companies offer a higher price and do not give your child the personalized one-on-one attention that they need to become proficient in math.


We offer services at home, school, or in the library. We can tutor you wherever you want and can accommodate your busy schedule. In addition, we also offer virtual classes if you require contactless service.

Guaranteed Results

Our teaching methods include teaching your child the basics of math so that they understand how numbers work.

They will have a greater understanding of the subject not just in their particular grade but in later grades, as well resulting in increased confidence in problem-solving and better performance in exams.

We Produce Results

Thank you Infinity Math Tutoring!   

My tutor taught me in a way that I naturally learn.  She adapted the lessons to my learning style and provided a relaxed, comfortable environment to hone my test taking skills.  My ACT score was increased by 5 points!
J Sanders, Belleview Michigan

Infinity Math Tutoring…you are phenomenal!  I am so overjoyed with the outcome of my son’s overall ACT scores.  The first score was 14.  Infinity worked diligently with my son over and over until he understood the concepts.  His tutor told him that his ACT score is like his credit score, because a higher score opens up his options. He applied himself and did…his second score WAS A 27! Thanks again, Infinity Math Tutoring!

Mrs. Mabry, Ypsilanti, MI

“My daughter had a hard time understanding math concepts in school. I called Infinity Math Tutoring and her tutor helped my daughter see a different angle of approaching the same concept. With a different approach, she was able to understand the concepts better and it boosted her confidence in class. She now volunteers to show the class how she tackles a math problem. I definitely recommend Infinity to all. They are the best math tutoring company around!”

Aisha A, Canton, MI

“Our tutor was excellent! She clearly explained the math problems in a way that my daughter clearly understood. And, because of Infinity, my daughter was FINALLY able to pass College Alegbra!! I would recommend Infinity to anyone who needed help. They are awesome.”


“I’ve had the best math experience in math since starting with Infinity Math Tutoring. I’ve had my grade improve in math significantly. Without, this tutoring program, I would not be able to graduate college on time. I greatly appreciate this company and will recommend it to everyone!”


“Thanks to the staff of Infinity Math Tutoring for helping my son achieve his goal of gaining entrance to The United States Air Force Early Entry Program. As a senior in high school, this achievement ranks high on the list of the many positive things going on with my second son. As a result of the hours spent by encouraging my son Eric to strive to do his best, giving him the tools to help him succeed, and ultimately enabling him to reach his goal, his tutor not only helped him secure his future, but she helped teach him how to utilize and hone his time management skills in a way that will only serve him well for the rest of his life. Thanks Infinity!”


“My tutor would always e-mail me or call and ask what type of problems I was working on so that she could be prepared for our tutoring sessions. She made arrangements to meet at times that worked for me.”


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