Private GED Tutoring is Available Near You

The math portion of the GED test is what concerns most people. Sadly, it even stops many from taking the test in the first place. No need to worry!  We believe that with results-driven GED math tutoring, you will pass the GED math section with flying colors.

girl-taking-compass-testThe GED focuses on four mathematical disciplines:  

  • Number operations and number sense
  • Measurement and geometry
  • Data analysis, statistics and probability

A customized program at Infinity Math Tutoring will prepare you for every math subject area on the GED.  Our dedicated GED prep tutors provide you with the personal help you need to tackle this standardized test with confidence.  Through our GED test prep tutoring, we can help you master the following skills:

  • Applying sequence of basic operations to complex word problems
  • Understanding the relationships between mathematical operations


Your personal GED tutor will meet with you wherever and whenever you choose so that you can be fully prepared for taking the GED.  You pick the location and a time that is the most convenient for your busy schedule.  You can choose to meet with your GED tutor in person, or you can have private, online sessions.



We can help you earn the high school certification you need to move forward in your academic career! 

Contact Infinity Math Tutoring today, and connect with the perfect tutor to help you pass the GED with confidence!