Looking for a Private HESI A2 Math Tutor?  Infinity Math Tutoring Can Help!


If you visited this page after searching for “HESI A2 tutors near me,” you’re in the right place!   Nursing and Allied Health schools nationwide use the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI A2) as a factor in their admissions decisions. If you plan on going to nursing school, and you need help studying for the HESI A2, Infinity Math Tutoring can set you up with a skillful HESI tutor.




The HESI A2 Math section focuses on the following mathematical disciplines:  

  • Whole number operations
  • Measurement and metric conversion
  • Fraction and decimal operations
  • Ratios/proportions

A customized program at Infinity Math Tutoring will prepare you for every math subject area on the HESI A2.  Our dedicated HESI Math tutoring sessions provide you with the personal help you need to tackle this standardized test with confidence.  Infinity can help you master the following skills:

  • Applying sequence of basic operations to complex word problems
  • Understanding the relationships between mathematical operations



Effective, Results-Driven Sessions

In your HESI math tutoring sessions, your tutor can work through the test’s structure with you, and show you strategies to handle its time constraints.  Your HESI tutor can also conduct practice tests in the same conditions as the actual test.  These practices can lift your confidence and alleviate stress as testing day approaches.


Let Infinity Math Tutoring help you embark on an exciting nursing career!  Contact us to book a HESI Math Tutor today!