Some key differences between Infinity Math Tutoring & center-based tutoring companies

Infinity Math Tutoring Center-Based Tutoring
Place of Instruction Infinity Math Tutoring primarily works in the family’s own home, overcoming any potential transportation issues the family may have. If necessary, Infinity will find an alternate location such as a school, a library, community center or relative’s home. We save you valuable time! Located only at the on-site location of the company. Creates inconvenience issues for families that may have limited transportation.
Time of Tutoring Infinity tutors schedule sessions with each family. We find times that are conducive to the family’s schedule. The tutoring company dictates times with little to no flexibility for the family.
Tutoring Content Infinity Math Tutoring primarily uses a tailored academic plan designed for each student. We can focus on the student’s homework, or comparable curriculum for helping students succeed in their classrooms. Supplemental aids may also be used, especially if a student is significantly behind in a particular subject area. Set curriculum that is in addition to the student’s homework at school. Little to no individualization of instruction is offered. Creates a further burden on a child that is already behind. It adds to the workload that the child must comprehend and complete.
Type of Instruction One-on-one instruction is the most effective way to help children discover their learning styles and methods that prevent them from falling behind. Groups of students are in a classroom environment with a set curriculum and little time for individualized instruction or help.
Contact with Student’s School Infinity tutors are encouraged to contact the student’s teachers, to work hand-in-hand with them and create a program oriented towards the student’s needs. There is little or no contact with a student’s current teachers.