Staying in training as a learner during the summer is critical. Summer tutoring helps students hold on to prior learning.

Infinity Math Tutoring (Helpful & Resourceful Links)

Give your child an extra edge for the upcoming school year! Give them the confidence to tackle next year’s math curriculum!

Our Summer Classes: 

  • Provide that extra reinforcement and push in mathematics
  • Are taught by the same teacher throughout the summer
  • Cover skills that are missed or easily forgotten when not utilized regularly
  • Conducted in one-on-one setting!  Group sessions are also available!
  • Provide challenging new concepts for advanced students.

General Math: This class focuses on the concept of natural/whole numbers, properties of fractions/decimals/percentages, and properties of addition multiplication, subtraction and division.

Pre Algebra Enrichment: This class focuses on the review of natural/whole arithmetic, properties/application of fractions, negative numbers, simple roots and powers, order of operations, basics of equations and basics of exponents.

Algebra:  This class will cover arithmetical equations, properties/order of operations, linear equations, quadratic equations, laws of exponents and system of linear equations.

Algebra II:  This class will cover quadratic functions, powers, radicals, logarithmic/exponential functions, sequences/series, probability statistics, trigonometric ratios, trigonometric functions, matrices and determinants.

Intro to Geometry:  This class will focus on the area/volume of polygons, Pythagorean theorem, properties of triangles, properties of circles, properties of quadrilaterals and properties of parallel lines.

Pre Calculus Enrichment:  This class will focus on properties of functions, composite functions, polynomial functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, binomial theorem, polar coordinates, sequences and limits.

ACT Prep:  Infinity Math Tutoring offers an individualized program set up for each learner. This is accomplished by each student taking a practice exam, the tutor evaluating the results and then developing a program that targets the exact needs of each learner.

Keep students engaged in the unique language of mathematics! Year-round consistency is the key!