The modern business world has become incredibly dependent on technology.  This increasing dependence on tech and online platforms is what is driving the increasing demand for coding and programming jobs, making it one of the best paying jobs of the past  for 2019 and the upcoming years.

The information technology industry employs nearly 6 million individuals across a range of industries, from technology to healthcare, finance and education. As an occupational field, information technology is projected to be one of the fastest growing in the nation, collectively producing 18 percent additional job openings nationally between 2012 and 2022.



Compared to non-coding career track jobs, coding jobs pay a significantly higher rate around $84,000 as opposed to the average $60,000 salaries of other careers. This is because job responsibilities are very specific in the world of coding, and the individual must have full mastery of the relevant programming language in order to be considered for the job. This specific skillset requirement, when fulfilled, reaps great rewards for individuals looking to make a career out of this passion.



While some people may group them all under the umbrella of ‘coding jobs’, each position is an entirely different career track.  Each job has its own set of skill set  requirements by the hiring party.  The vastness and diversity in the tech industry in recent years translates into the tech positions, meaning there are several new niches that companies and businesses are looking to adopt and hire coders for.  Let’s look at some of the coding jobs that will be in demand in 2019 and onwards:



The web has become the center of the universe for the majority, which is why businesses must tap into this pool by making their services and content accessible to surfers through online portals and interfaces. When it comes to web development, there are three types of work available.

  • A front end developer:  Uses languages such HTML and Javascript to create functional and appealing website interfaces for visitors to interact with.
  • Back end developers:  Focus more on “the behind the scenes” coding, dealing with the logic and data using languages such as Python and PHP.
  • A full stack developer:  Responsible for the whole stack as suggested by the name. This means that they have to develop the front and back end logic and design of the website and execute it. Understandably, a full stack developer tends to get paid more than only a front or a back end developer.



A mobile app developer will generally need to have knowledge about Objective C or Java, depending on whether you want to work for iOS/Apple or Android, respectively.  They also need to be able to develop an interactive User Interface with attractive graphics that will facilitate the user experience. With an average salary of a whopping $143,000, there is no doubt that app developers with specific skill sets are in huge demand, and businesses are willing to pay top dollar to have a skilled professional on their team.



Software development is an extremely expansive field on its own as well and comprises of a number of different jobs with various responsibilities belonging to a plethora of niches and industries. Software developers are needed to develop security systems, create efficient channels for communication and workflow, maintain large and complex IT systems.



An app architect has an overarching role over several different aspects of the programming process.  They oversee and lead the execution of an app project from the blueprint, and drive it to completion by working in coordination with the various team members.   Hence, companies look for individuals with experience to counter any problems that may arise during the process.  The average salary of an app architect lies at $135,750.



Enterprise Resource Planning software and projects are becoming more essential as we move into the future.  The need for ERP developers to be well versed in ERP designing, implementation, and customization is increasing. Depending on the programming languages that the company uses for their ERP, the technician needs to be skilled in the relevant coding environment and be able to work with integrated technologies and databases. The average salary for an ERP developer is $114,500.



Databases are some of the most essential and critical components of any company operating with a software solution.  A database developer works to program a system that is optimized, organized, and simplified so that complex actions can be performed with relative ease. Database developers can either follow the traditional route and go for SQL or invest their time and efforts in NoSL, which is ideal for modern app and web development.