Spheros—A New Ball Game

Spheros—A New Ball Game

image001Sphero is a robot spherically-shaped toy and designed by a company formerly known as Orbotix, The app-enabled ball that does it all. Intelligent and well-rounded, Sphero lets students play, learn, and explore by creating obstacle courses and creating multifamily games. This virtually unstoppable companion is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready for any adventure.

This globe, which can be charged wirelessly from its own charging base, is covered with polycarbonate synthetic material and can be manipulated using a tablet or Smartphone that runs on Android, iOS or Windows Phone through Bluetooth.

Some of the major features of Sphero are:

  1. Bluetooth – Spheros can be operated using certain applications. It connects to mobile gadgets such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and tablets via Bluetooth wireless network.
  2. The range of colors – Spherois covered with a polycarbonate synthetic material, and can shed light in any color.
  3. Rolling capability –Spheros are designed to roll at a fixed speed within a specified time frame.

Whenever you are set to use Sphero, you can take it off its charger and tap it twice and fast so that it “comes alive.”As soon as the robot toy wakes, it begins to flash three different colors sequentially.  Once it pairs with a Bluetooth device, Spheros turns blue to signify that it is ready for use. It can travel on land and moves sluggishly on water. It comes integrated with an accelerometer and vibrates quietly.

Educators in various fields have been able to figure out ways of incorporating the robot in their every-day classes as an excellent tool for teaching subjects such as the Arts, sciences, and subjects that are related to engineering and technology. Thus, the STEM undertaking began to earn recognition.

Spherosalso has a SPRK (school parents robots kids) edition designed to get children interested in coding and robotics.  Children can use the simplified code to make Sphero do things like weave in and out of a complex maze or perform a dance. When students use the app and write the code, the can see the simplified language of the code or the more complex syntax. This gives educators an excellent opportunity to teach programming.

image002SPRK’s approachable lesson plans empower parents and teachers to excite kids, so it’s no wonder that over 4,500 teachers in 20 countries have used SPRK to teach 90,000 students. While kids instantly gravitate to Sphero, SPRK students range from elementary school through high school grades.


Sphero breaks the rules about learning, and also enables students to mesh mathematics with technology.  This edutoy strengthens the STEM skills that students will need to compete in the tech industry.