Infinity Math Tutoring specializes in working with students in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Let Infinity build your student’s foundation to achieve success in mathematics. Top k-12 math tutors in Michigan

We help your student build confidence in:

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Multiplication Facts
  • All Arithmetic Operations
  • Time Telling and Money Counting
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Place Value
  • Data Measurement and Analysis

Experienced Instructors:  Infinity tutors are extensively trained and experienced in helping students to overcome learning obstacles. Our tutors assess, review and teach the building blocks of mathematics, creating a solid foundation of math knowledge on which to build upon. 

Successful Teaching Methods:  Infinity uses the latest in researched-based instructional approach, teaching skills to a 100% mastery level.

Proven Approach: For mathematics, comprehension is necessary for solving word problems and applying learned Math processes to new lessons, situations and applications. Each lesson has constant tutor/student interaction. Comprehension practice is essential to train a student’s ear to listen to trigger words and process information easily.

Interactive Lessons:  Students participate through interactive sessions which lead to full comprehension and understanding


Curriculum Alignment:  Need Help with your Homework? Infinity Tutoring Curriculums are aligned with your student’s school curriculum, ensuring the same concepts and methods are being taught.

Successful Preparation:  Your Infinity Tutor can help your student prepare for final exams, projects or simply support their daily homework.

Committed Instructors:  Each student is paired with the same tutor for every session. Rapport and Consistency is key!

Communication:  Working closely with parent(s), teachers, and student promotes open communication. This allows us to identify and address problem areas, boosting grades and academic confidence! Set your student up for success; call Infinity to pair your student with an Infinity Tutor, matched to your student’s unique learning needs. Call for your free in-home consultation.


Infinity provides customized, research-based curriculums that meet the State of Michigan Education Standards. Infinity Math Tutoring provides curriculum support, instruction, and testing for your home-school Math needs. Have an Infinity Tutor you in the Comfort of your own Home!

Infinity offers home-school services for single or multiple students: Individual student needs are targeted and lessons are designed to each unique student.

Grade-appropriate curriculums are followed, while Math remediation and enrichment services are infused into every session.


By understanding how students learn, Infinity Math Tutoring adapts strategies to meet your student’s learning needs, Infinity Math Tutors are extensively trained in various techniques for working with a range of special needs. Your Infinity Tutor will be custom-matched to your student’s special learning needs. infinity tutors implement adaptive, effective teaching methods and tools to overcome learning obstacles.

Your special needs student will have the one-on-one attention that they need in order to progress in their math curriculum. Infinity Tutors apply a holistic approach to teaching mathematics. Your Infinity Tutor will ensure that your student gains a complete understanding of how and why math concepts work, ensuring their complete grasp of the subject matter.

By communicating with parent(s), teacher, and student; our tutors implement teaching techniques that line up with the established processes at home and at school.