F.A.Q.’S Absolutely!! We offer homework support.

Infinity Math Tutoring is committed to giving our clients the most affordable, quality service imaginable! Our prices start at 37.50/hr. Packages are available for greater savings.

Our tutors are trained in the latest teaching methodologies and curriculum tools. They are familiar with local standards and assignments and can offer an “insiders” approach to tutoring, with the goal of helping your child succeed in local classrooms. We do hire some degreed professionals for advanced math subjects, such as Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. These tutors have degrees in math or are professionals that are extremely qualified to tutor in these subject areas. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your tutor for any reason, we will immediately substitute that tutor for one that better meets your requirements.

Tutors go through a rigorous training and screening process with Infinity. We run multiple criminal background checks on all of our tutors and require proof of college degrees.

The length of time your child will require tutoring is highly dependent on the student’s need, abilities and academic goals. On average, most of our clients stay with our company six to nine months. Our ultimate mission is to increase the confidence of our students, and enable independent learning.

We recommend a minimum of two hours of tutoring per week. Anything less than that may be ineffective for some students. The more hours your child spends with one of our tutors, the faster they will catch up and increase their confidence level. In special cases, some students may need three or four hours per week.


Yes. Call our office for details. We try and make tutoring expenses reasonable for larger families.



We make homeschooling as affordable as possible. We will work closely with your family to set up a payment plan specific to the number of hours homeschooling requires.



Infinity Math Tutoring works closely with each individual student to develop a program that fits his or her needs. By having the same tutor each session, it allows us to get to know your child and recognize strengths and weaknesses immediately. Whether remediation or enrichment is the plan, we can also help your child succeed!