Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie MitchellCEO/Tutor
Stephanie Mitchell is the founder and director of Infinity Math Tutoring. She has enjoyed the personal gratification of tutoring since high school. Since she was 15 years old, she has shared her knowledge and love of mathematics with people of all ages. She attended Spelman College and Georgia Institute of Technology, where she received her Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, respectively. She believes that one-on-one instruction is the most effective strategy to bring forth academic success.
Roshin Cherian
Roshin Cherian Tutor
Roshin Cherian is a veteran tutor with strengths in higher-level Mathematics. He has instructed students in levels as high as Calculus 3 and Differential Equations. Roshin received his Masters of Automotive Engineering from Lawrence Tech University and was a campus math tutor while earning his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering degree at Kettering. He is a well-rounded educator with several strategies for effective one-on-one instruction.

Brian Bett
Brian BettTutor
Brian Bett is a fervent tutor who appreciates the beauty of Mathematics. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Eastern Michigan, and has several years of tutoring experience at the college level. He is highly proficient at instructing advanced subjects, which include Statistics, Calculus, and proof-based Logic. His enthusiasm and ability to effectively explain concepts and procedures has brought him several loyal clients throughout his tutoring career.
Agozie Oyeamalu
Agozie OyeamaluTutor
Agozie Oyeamalu is a well-rounded tutor with profiencies in higher level Mathematics. He is also well versed in Chemistry, in which he earned his Masters Degree. His experience as a research lab trainer enables him to eloquently articulate concepts and methods to students in way that is easy for them to grasp. Agozie earned his MS in Chemistry at Youngstown State University, where he tutored several students in Chemistry, Algebra, and Calculus.
Philip Whitelaw
Philip Whitelaw Tutor
Philip Whitelaw is an enthusiastic tutor with many detail-oriented teaching strategies. He earned his B.S in Mathematics and Secondary Teacher Certification at Eastern Michigan. He has extensive experience in assessing students in individual settings, and has a true passion for teaching both middle and high school students. His attention to detail allows him to decipher students’ learning styles, and gear his lessons towards these styles.
NameChirymera Law
Chirymera Law is a devoted tutor with a well-rounded skillset in mathematics. While she received her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing/Finance at Talledega College, she has years of teaching experience in the areas of Algebra, Geometry, Finance, and Accounting. She is a committed instructor with the ability to accommodate students of all ages with her consistent and creative teaching strategies.

Ada Khreis
Ada KhreisTutor
Ada Khreis is a passionate tutor who has over 10 years of professional tutoring experience. She has worked with middle school through and college level students. She appreciates the beauty of mathematics, and expresses that appreciation to her students. She is dedicated to showing students how and why processes work, not just drilling them on what the processes are.